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Charlie and Tommy talk with Darrell, Lisa, and Ron about how a calling honors God, serves others, and satisfies the soul.  In this segment, the Guests address each element while sharing struggles and victories from their faith and work stories.

Darrell Douglas

In this feature, Charlie and Darrell dive a little deeper into how Darrell’s financial career developed into his calling.  Darrell shares his overall vision for helping people find freedom in their lives, and how his Dad and Mentor guided him into that discovery.  He also shares some encouragement for people of faith tempted to quit finance-based work because of misconceptions and temptations in the industry.


4:30 - Charlie defines “calling” and introduces the “3 Elements of Every Calling”

7:30 - The guests share how their callings in finance (Darrell), higher education (Lisa) and manufacturing (Ron) can all be outlets for honoring God.  Ron shares how a corporate motto to “Do the right thing the right way the first time” coincided with his Christian work

16:30 - The guests share their struggles with seeing how their callings serve others.  Lisa addresses the challenges in not seeing immediate fruit for your labors.

21:30 - The conversation about serving others shifts to focus on why we feel a strong desire to be appreciated and acknowledged by the people we serve, and Lisa admonishes us all, “If you can’t change your situation, change your perspective.”

27:30ish - The segment concludes with a discussion about where satisfaction in work is ultimately found.  Darrell highlights the satisfaction that comes from obedience and Ron testifies to God’s faithful leading in the many seasons of life and work.

Portfolios of Freedom

Darrell Douglas is a lovable guy.  Not long into a conversation with him you find yourself swept up by his charisma and hospitality.  He makes you feel safe and valued.  He looks you in the eye and communicates with a genuine smile.

It may shock you to learn that Darrell provides financial consultation for a living.

The stereotypes of greedy and corrupt financiers casts a large shadow over this vital industry.  It seems that people today look at these professions through skeptical and cynical eyes.  There are definitely stories of loss and suffering because of financial evils and injustices, but there are also faithful people like Darrell tucked away in this industry.

Darrell is good with numbers and his early career seemed to take shape around those skills.  A call from his father opened his eyes to the relational aspects of financial consulting.  As a result of working alongside his dad, Darrell realized his relational skills were the real difference maker.
His love for people has inspired him to pursue a calling larger than profits and dividends.  Darrell is helping people find freedom through their finances.  His heart for people to experience abundant life drives him to help them navigate their financial fears and bondages.  God has commissioned Darrell to live out his calling in a place where people are extremely vulnerable and fearful.

If you ever have the privilege of meeting Darrell, you’ll see why God has placed him where he is.  He is a trustworthy and compassionate man.  He is a genuine follower of Christ and lover of people.  He is helping others find freedom in one of the most fear-filled dimensions of their lives.  He is a light in the darkness, a voice crying out in the wilderness, a man who moves the Kingdom forward one portfolio at a time.